There are three ways of interacting with other users on Instagram:

  • LIKE

We will be engaging through 2 of the 3 methods on your account i.e Liking and Following targeted people and potential clients. We don’t do comments because we feel each comment needs a personal touch from you.


When we conduct the above mentioned actions on a targeted user’s account or post, your account appears in their notifications feed and as a result they are taken to your page and if they like what they see, they will follow and engage with your posts. We identify these target people by the hashtags they are posting or the accounts they are following. Many of our clients are gaining between 200-800 followers a week with our service and unlike a lot of other Instagram promotion companies, the followers we deliver will never be removed since they are real people deciding to follow you.

Again we only deliver 100% real and active users who CHOOSE to follow you. Our job is to identify people that would be most likely to follow you if they found your page on their own.

Instagram has a max limit of 7500 accounts that you can follow before you have to start unfollowing. You can pick a follow limit of your choosing from 100 - 7500. Once we have followed your set amount of targeted accounts, we immediately reverse the process and start unfollowing all the accounts we have followed. However we do not unfollow any accounts that you personally followed. So the number of accounts that you are following will be temporary as they will all be gone in a few days time and the number of followers you see on your account will continue to rise steadily.

The Conscious Adventurist Instagram Growth Service fee is $400/month billed monthly through an autopay subscription with PayPal. We use PayPal encryption to protect your information. You may cancel your subscription at anytime through your PayPal account and your service will continue through the end of the current billing cycle.


Don't do excessive manual actions while we're working on your account

Don't use Instagram Automation apps or tools

Don't buy followers or likes

Don't work with other social media agencies

It’s important that you don’t do excessive actions on your Instagram while we’re also on your account. If you’re logged into your account and liking photos excessively as we like photos, Instagram can temporarily block your account from liking for a few days. Of course, we don’t want this to happen.

Additionally, it’s important not to use automation tools that automate liking, commenting, following, unfollowing, etc. Do not buy followers or likes. This can get your Instagram account banned.

Finally, do not work with other social media agencies. If they’re on your account, and we’re on your account, and perhaps you’re also on your account, this can definitely get your account temporarily blocked.

with one of our Account Managers